Monday, March 6, 2017

animal crossing new leaf amiibo artwork from redds gallery

made this list to show which artwork i have collected for my animal crossing, now amiibo on nintendo 3ds with a free upgrade whether you wanted it or not from new leaf animal crossing. this will help me keep track of all my collections. i do have 4 characters in my game system so that's fun.
also added my notes to know how to tell the artwork is real or fake. i have collected quite a few fakes already and have a terrible memory so
plan to make lists of my collections here a bit more often!
there are 25 paintings in acnl and 8 statues total to submit to the museum collection art gallery

dynamic painting x if mt fuji is small it is genuine

solemn painting x if the blond girl is same height as the girl to the left it is genuine

famous painting x fingers point to bottom right of screen to be genuine

perfect painting x always genuine

amazing painting x man in black on left man in white on right genuine

warm painting x always genuine

fine painting x always genuine

proper painting x always genuine

wild painting x light on left dark on right is genuine

valiant statue x feathery angel wings is genuine

robust statue x smooth disk is genuine

ancient statue x eyes closed is genuine

motherly statue x two children is genuine

quaint painting  if she is wearing a white hat it is genuine

basic painting  only one arm is bent to be genuine

nice painting  always genuine

moving painting  shell is sitting upright with scalloped edges up to be genuine
common painting  always genuine
flowery painting  always genuine
jolly painting  green nose is genuine
scary painting  all fingers sticking out is genuine
neutral painting  If no holes in leaf it is genuine
worthy painting  always genuine
calm painting  always genuine
moody painting  always genuine
wistful painting  blue hat is genuine
serene painting  skinny animal is genuine, fluffy cat is not
scenic painting  always genuine
graceful painting  if looking to the right is genuine
beautiful statue   has very short hair to be genuine
gallant statue  has no cloth over right shoulder to be genuine
great statue  All fingers pointing upwards is genuine
mystic statue  spherical is fake cylindrical hat is genuine

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mellow blue planet Comics and collectibles visit today
Thanks for helping check out a few comics for me Tim! ~ if you are looking for special comics or movie collectibles in the comic books series This is definitely a cool little shop with a big name and bigger inventory to check out~
Tell Tim I sent you if you stop by there~

There were a couple customers who were in just about the time I was leaving. I am honored to say they came all the way from Des Moines, Iowa at Comic Con. I asked them if they saw the Hulk there? a reply was oh Lou Ferrigno? yes he is 4 times as big across I am! the guy said...and he was a pretty big guy at about 6 ft something average sized guy.
Always fun to meet people who just met someone famous and hear stories since i couldnt be there myself. ah close enough this time around. Maybe next time I will actually make it to a comic con show!

Friday, October 12, 2012 i know what that is! i just became an affiliate with mycomicshop be sure to check them out thanks!
updated entry.....
when did i post that??? 2012???

 it is now January 2015!
i didnt even know what an affiliate was back then! just now learning! lol...oh the time it takes to learn things... well this is exciting news i had forgotten about until now! cannot wait til i figure this one out.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

wow this post is is an update!

Take 2! this is my second year at comic brat where i have done nothing for about half a year.

with the fact that i was also working fulltime overtime and then again working at home being a mom until a back injury from work...

well, needless to say comicbrat kinda got pushed to the side for a little while.

turns out categorizing and inventorying every movie and comic book in my collection is well,
not a strong point of mine either!

while injured i did lay in the sun. a lot. i found that meds do react pretty strangely to sun. i burned. the midwest sun is a lot different than sun on the coasts. but we still burn here too.

i have been organizing and editing my photography work. and painting furniture over the past year. more so the photography since i am in the midwest and it is way too cold outside for painting from home...

my problem is I am an aries. hey new webpage name ha. i am a great leader. i also am a great innovator and love to be creative with new ideas.

the hard part is following through. good thing i am a great leader, i need help to carry out my wonderful plans in life.

speaking of which off subject again, sort of, my own book project called shine or sink is also something i seek help, submissions of true short stories or a few lines from you! how do you overcome a challenge, how do you shine?
and for those of you who just sink and think there is no way out? well i want your short story too.
i am hoping somewhat like post secret and homemakeover show, and other pay it forward type things,  i can create an inspirational book designed to inspire others as well as inspiring others to help those who sink and need help back up in life.
it is human nature to feel good when we help others, this book project hopefully will offer many people who havent spoken up yet to just ask. and offer many people who want to make a difference but dont know where to begin.

what a challenge for me! using my own photography work and my inspirational messages and thoughts to the book will be a great way to showcase all of my endeavors to help create smiles to many many people

my autism etc information and resource page offers help to families of autism and etc(many other disabilities) the fundraiser and awareness event scheduled for march 24th 2012 needs Your help!!

please help promote it to help make a difference. donations raised will bring a small bit of hope to many families who may be struggling with any sort of disability challenge in life.

my goal is to help so many people. wont you join me? it will be an exciting adventure!

Aries loves adventures!

i hope to have a niche and begin posting lots of cool stuff about my comics and movies very soon.

feel free to jump in anytime at all with comments or questions or your own interests in movies and comics. would love to hear from you.
update to this entry below....

It is now 2015! yep that is all i got for now.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

making a list

is hard work! may be awhile before i can post movies and my entire collection - great idea. but not so easy to do in a day. rome wasn't built in a day. neither was the collection.

day two of comics and movies

day two of listing comics and movies. wow. lucky for me i had a list started. however after making the list i realized i have no idea which box the listed comics are in. always label your boxes to match the list. anyways i did get a good start of a list under the comic book list page. i will continue adding to it as often as possible. and label each box to match my list as i go.